1-2 October 2020
Europe/Berlin timezone

Video submission

⚠️ Please do not forget to register. You have time until August 31, 2020
🕐 You have time until September 20, 2020 to send your video
✅ If you have a poster, you do not have to record a video. Please send us your poster in PDF format instead.

In order to make sure that Digital IbSB 2020 is running smooth, even in case of technical issues on short notice, we request that all contributions will be recorded. You can provide us even with unedited recordings that will be post-processed by our organization team.

To record your presentation, we recommend the free and open source tool Open Broadcaster Software® (OBS). If you are not familiar with recording your screen with this program, you can follow our guide on recording presentations with OBS.

You are not required to cut/edit your recordings. Our organization team will apply necessary postprocessing if you send us your recording(s). This editing will only involve following changes: (i) merging multiple video files into a single video, (ii) removing long pauses that are at the start and end of the presentations or caused by some interruption, (iii) audio correction to remove background noise, emphasize your voice, and normalize the volume. We will not change any of the actual content.

We will not publish your videos without your permission. As we want to make the Digital IbSB 2020 available online on Youtube, we kindly ask you to give us permission to record your contribution for later publication. Please, indicate your preference to us.

If you want to edit your videos yourself, you can use tools like OpenShot or Kdenlive and render your video into a standard video format like MP4 or WebM.

Please upload your recorded files to services like Google Drive and  provide us with a download link of your recording until September 20, 2020 at the latest by email to: symposium@image-based-systems-biology.com