1-2 October 2020
HKI Jena
Europe/Berlin timezone

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IbSB 2020 program overview


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Networking rooms:

Room Zoom link
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Poster sessions I & II:

Room Speaker Title Zoom link
Poster room 1 Javier Pizarro-Cerda A role for Taok2 in Listeria monocytogenes vacuolar escape tba
Poster room 2 Sindi Nexhipi Automated and high-throughput quantification of microglia activation to map radiation-induced inflammation tba
Poster room 3 Nia Siradze Automatic recognition and counting of fossil pollen - how far are we? tba
Poster room 4 Astrid Tannert Bacterial shape changes for fast detection of antibiotic susceptibility tba
Poster room 5 Hannah Jeckel BiofilmQ, a quantiative image analysis tool tba
Poster room 6 Ivan Belayaev Enhanced segmentation of label-free cells for automated migration and interaction tracking tba
Poster room 7 Emad Alamoudi FitMultiCell: Simulating and parameterizating computational models of multi-cellular processes tba
Poster room 8

Raquel Alonso-Roman,

Stefan Hoffmann

Image-based analysis of Candida albicans invasion in a gut-on-chip model tba
Poster room 9 Ruman Gerst JIPipe: a graphical batch-Processing language for ImageJ tba
Poster room 10 Lutz Brusch Morpheus: A user-friendly simulation framework for multi-cellular systems biology tba
Poster room 11 Alexander Tille Quantification of the dynamics of fungal confrontation assays tba

Poster room 12

Mai T.N. Hoang,

Susann Hartung

Quantitative characterisation of Aspergillus fumigatus hyphal growth and branching behaviour in an “Invasive aspergillosis-on-a-chip” disease model of the Human lung tba
Poster room 13

Fatina Siwczak,

Zoltán Cseresnyés

Role of hepatic macrophage polarization in the acute phase of bacteraemia with Staphylococcus aureus tba
Poster room 14 Sandra Timme Virtual phagocytosis assays reveal strain-specific differences in the microscopic parameters of the interaction between alveolar macrophages and two Aspergillus fumigatus strains tba


Poster sessions III & IV:

Room Speaker Title Zoom link
Poster room 1 Akanksha Bhargava A Multimodality and Multiscale Imaging Pipeline for Image-Based Vascular Systems Biology tba
Poster room 2

Alain Pulfer,

Diego Ulisse Pizzagalli

Action recognition in intravital microscopy: detecting cell death in vivo tba
Poster room 3 Ian Estabrook Automated detection of nascent myofibrils during myofibrillogenesis tba
Poster room 4

Franziska Hoffmann,

Jan-Philipp Praetorius

Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Fungal-Infected Tissue using Deep Learning tba
Poster room 5 Muriel Heldring Data-driven kinetic modeling of p53 signaling linked to cell Cycle progression tba
Poster room 6 Carl-Magnus Svensson Dynamic Bayesian networks for the analysis of causal interactions in cell track data tba
Poster room 7

Nancy Unger

Intracellular Raman micro-spectroscopic detection of Coxiella burnetii and discrimination of their morphoforms in infected Buffalo Green Monkey cells tba
Poster room 8 Ruman Gerst MISA++: a modular and high-performance framework for analysis of light sheet microscopy images tba
Poster room 9 Bianca Hoffmann Objective and quantitative assessment of liver function by pixel-wise kinetic clustering of MSOT images tba
Poster room 10 Daniel Wüstner Quantitative imaging of membrane contact sites for sterol transfer between endo-lysosomes and mitochondria tba
Poster room 11 Benjamin Schmid Reproducible 3D animations using natural language with 3Dscript tba
Poster room 12 Joy Bordini Semi-supervised machine learning facilitates
tracking of fluorescent immune cells in intravital microscopy
Poster room 13 Justina Stark Simulating morphogen gradients in zebrafish epiboly tba
Poster room 14

Agustín Andrés Corbat,

Mauro Silberberg

Unravelling apoptotic signalling cascade by co-imaging extrinsic, intrinsic and effector caspase activity by fluorescence anisotropy microscopy tba