12-16 April 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone
  1. As planned, our course will take place between the 12th and 16th of April.
  2. The sessions are planned from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 17, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The remaining two days (Wednesday, Thursday) will be designated for your homework, so please keep these two days also free from other appointments.
  3. Those attandees who would like to receive the credit points for this course will need to submit their homework by Thursday evening and they need to pass the 50% threshold both in the "Microscopy and Imaging" block (to take place on Monday) and the "Image Analysis" block (Tuesday).
  4. Friday will be for discussing the homework solutions (we may finish sooner than 17.00 that day).
  5. Those who are not receiving credits for the course are also welcome (and encouraged) to solve the homework problems, they are also welcome to attend the Friday sessions and ask questions; however, we will not be able to correct and grade their homework!
  6. The non-credit attendees may receive a digital certificate of attendance upon request; for the certificate, full attendance of the  course is mandatory.

The Zoom session and password are provided via E-Mail.


Prof. Dr. Marc Thilo Figge

Course Master


Dr. Zoltán Cseresnyés

Lecture "Microscopy and imaging"


Please send all questions to Zoltan


Ruman Gerst

Lecture "Image analysis"