12-16 April 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone


Here you will find data that is used in the image analysis part. Feel free to try out the different tools to analyze the data.

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Blobs test image

Please note that the image is displayed inverted (0 = white, 255 = black). Try to invert the images if your thresholding does not work.

12-39-10_Kontrolle 1a zoom063 z5 647_UltraII_C00_xyz-Table Z0311.ome.tif

Kidney LSFM 2D slice

Use the methods we have shown to extract the tissue and glomeruli

Full publication:

Klingberg, A., Hasenberg, A., Ludwig-Portugall, I., Medyukhina, A., Männ, L., Brenzel, A., ... & Gunzer, M. (2017). Fully automated evaluation of total glomerular number and capillary tuft size in nephritic kidneys using lightsheet microscopy. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 28(2), 452-459.
  12-39-10_Kontrolle 1a zoom063 z5 647_UltraII_C00_xyz-Table Z0311_cutout.tif A cut-out of the Kidney LSFM 2D slice. Use this if KNIME takes far too long to extract glomeruli.

Additional kidney slices

Feel free to also test your image analysis piplines on these images